Professional Asphalt Repair in Reno Nevada

Although asphalt is a strong material and almost all construction workers rely on it, it erodes over time. Our roads, pathways, and parking lots deal with a lot, from climatic stressors to heavy traffic and sturdy building equipment – no wonder why a material like asphalt is prone to wear and tear.

Fortunately, our network of asphalt paving contractors in Reno,Nevada know how to handle the complexity of cases. We connect you with contractors who specialize in various methods to repair potholes and fill the cracks, playgrounds, pavements, and tennis courts.

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Semi-Permanent Patches

Although the word “semi” tricks you into believing it’s an unreliable method, that’s not true. Semi-permanent patches offer a long-term solution. However, it is time-consuming because it requires proper surface preparation.

To begin with, our team removes the standing water and debris. Next, the area needing a patch is cut with powerful equipment or a simple hand tool – this depends on the severity of the case.

The new hole is then added to the patching mixture, and a roller is run over it to make the surface compact.

Permanent Patches

Permanent, or full-depth patching, is yet another permanent repairing technique. Professional asphalt contractors excavate the patching area to around 5 inches or more and extend a foot into the adjacent area for firmer support.

Later, asphalt professionals apply a tack coat to the asphalt mixture and fill it back to bond it properly.

Quick Fixes

Throw and roll is a quick-fix technique. Generally, this works excellent for emergency cases. For instance, an severe weather condition may unexpectedly damage a pavement that requires a quick fix to ensure smooth traffic movement.

Asphalt professionals reach the site moments after the emergency and proceed with a quick fix. Typically, asphalt contractors add liquid asphalt to the hole and then run a roller to make it even.

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Spray Injection Technique

This method involves truck-mounted equipment to blow water and dirt hidden within the crack layers. The debris removal is followed by injecting emulsion and aggregate. Typically, this technique injects materials at a high temperature.

Therefore, there’s no need to make the surface compact after it. The spray injection technique works excellent after extreme weather conditions, and experts prefer it over the throw and roll method.

Crack Filling

Minor cracks on asphalt don’t seem like a major problem. However, it can lead to a more severe issue in the long run if left untreated.

Cracks typically result from consistent high traffic on the road. However, the reasons might differ. For instance, if your area is exposed to hail and rain more often, it can lead to cracks.

A more severe crack needs additional procedures to clean. Similarly, it requires more effort to repair than a minor crack.

However, cracks – big or small – should be repaired soon. Otherwise, they turn into potholes, causing more structural damage.

Milling and Resurfacing

Asphalt, which experiences more distress, wears over time. Resurfacing and mining are excellent solutions to reshape damaged pavements. Whether you want to resurface a parking lot or repair an extensive portion of asphalt roadway, this method can be your best bet.

Miling and resurfacing involve removing the asphalt and grinding it into small gravel-like pieces. If, however, asphalt is entirely out of shape and cannot be repaired, our experts take it to the processing plant to recycle it. This material is then used for other construction materials, and new asphalt is prepared to resurface the damaged pavement.